If you have visited Wymondham Leisure Centre over recent months, you may have spotted our state-of-the-art EGYM equipment. This electro-magnetic smart resistance training equipment uses the latest technology to offer a personalised workout experience to every user. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or are an avid gym goer, EGYM can certainly help you achieve your fitness goals.

Since introducing EGYM in December last year, we have onboarded over 1,600 users, with over 900 members using the equipment every single month. This shows just how popular the kit has become in a short space of time, and it’s great to see so many members reaping the benefits of this incredible technology.

After inputting your fitness goals and health data into the EGYM system, the Smart Strength equipment will adjust automatically based on your personal aims and current ability. When using the machines, resistance is controlled at all times ensuring the correct form, and removing any guess work when it comes to selecting the correct weight. This not only makes your workout easier, but also reduces the risk of injury.

Fancy giving it a go? Start your EGYM journey today by booking an induction with one of the team and find out what all the fuss is about. The great news is the EGYM suite is free to use with all casual gym memberships.